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Indulgent yet tasteful. Fit for a queen, Koko's sapphire and opal blues and nude pinks are sure to impress.

✔ DIY manicure

✔ Applied in minutes

✔ Lasts 10 days

✔ Perfect coat


• 20 premium gel nail strips (enough for two applications)

• One cleaning pad

• One nail file


Pro Tips:

A few tips to get the most out of your NINE STREETS product. 

Before application: 

  • Wash your hands to remove any lotion or oils, then use the provided alcohol pad to clean your nails.
  • If you have uneven nails, we recommend using a base coat to even out the nail surface. 
  • If you have naturally oily nails, we recommend using nailpolish remover to dry your nails before application.
  • Please don't buff your nails right before application as it might cause the strips to fall off. 
  • Adding a base coat before application will improve the durability of the nail strip. 

During application:

  • Always choose a nailstrip that is slightly smaller than your nailbed. Don't let the nail strip touch the cuticle, or it may come off at the edges. 
  • File off excess strip in a continuous, downward motion.

After application: 

  • Try to avoid water for 1 hour after application. This allows the nail strips to fully adhere to your nails. 
  • If desired, apply a top coat for extra shine.
  • Chipping may occur from wear and tear. Retouch by filing the edges of your nails. 


Simply soak your nails in warm water for 5-10 mins, then slowly peel off your nail strips. 


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Caroline N.
Netherlands Netherlands
Good product, long staying

I've tried the nail strips, because nail polish is by me always after two days not nice anymore. Well I love NineStreets nailstrips. Stay 10 days that they told, and I thought well what I shame I must get them off now because it's still beautiful. The first time to put them on is little bit difficult maybe but after 1 hand the other goes faster.. I'm very positive and there a lot of choice to. Hope to see maybe soon other prints maybe in the spring /summer. I recommend this company. Service, fast response.. Wish the company many orders well they just started.